Come in to my studio space

A Real Time Art Experience Commission

The Session is based on the experience between the artist and the sitter

We have a two hour session

We can enjoy coffee/tea or a bottle of wine for the first 30 minutes to start our exchange

We take in the space and chat

Then we sit across from each other and you will pick out 2-3 colors 

I will then begin working on various pieces of paper to create something based on our energy and influence

At the end of the session

You can choose two pieces that speak to you the most


9 x 12 works on paper $200

11 x 14 works on paper $300

I have done several of these and have had such amazing and unique responses!

It is amazing how energy exchange, influence, and space can alter my output of art making.

The work is then extra personal to the buyer, because we have had a human emotional exchange based on US.

TESTIMONIALS - The Soble Sessions

A week ago today, I spent a fabulous 2 hours with her for a session with the artist. I was blown away by the experience. Of course, it helps that we love each other, but the most wonderful (and unexpected) part of the experience is what it taught me about how I think about art. Learning to verbalize what i like, learning to get farther than how I feel when I look at a piece of art that resonates with me, and watching Alli react to that, was deeply impactful. Naturally, I walked away with pieces of art I adore. I can not recommend this experience enough. If you already know Alli, it’s a fabulous way to support her and get a great deal on some beautiful art.
Do it. Trust me.

I first met her over a sunny table with paint on it and in the end she was reaching for the same color as I. She has a knack for that, painting the energy of a space, encounter, emotion. Divination is handed down where i come from. Anything from a crystal ball to tarot cards. Royce divines with paint and shape. She seemed to outline the best parts of our conversation filling in the emotion with vivid colors. We watched the paint’s journey across the page it’s destination a wild bloom with layers of color surfacing and abating. I have never experienced anything like it. The event itself could be given as a gift. You will come away with gorgeous pieces of fine art as well as a better knowledge of the artistic process.